Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is the day of giving love. But the Valentine’s of 2009 in South Africa would be different because it is projected as the Day of Universal Love.

Universal Love is the pure love for humankind, one-way as it signifies, unconditional. The Johannesburg Meditation Centre, located in the Cradle of Humankind, is proposing the Valentine’s as for the Universal Love as part of their Peace for Africa movement initiated and supported by Abbot Dhammajayo of Dhammakaya Foundation, Thailand. He has been teaching inner peace through meditation for over 40 years as he believes world peace is possible through the inner peace of all individuals.

The Buddhist monks take the role of peace. Morning alms-round as early as dawn is the symbol of giving. Laypeople get up to start their perpetual givings. This tradition of giving has been continual every a single day for as far as 2,500 years! This is the world’s classical model of giving, and they do so with respect. South Africans will witness a parade of some 20 Buddhist monks from Thailand walking in their neat and peaceful alms-round. This is the culture of peace — giving. The Johannesburg Meditation Centre is preparing their landscape with thousands of sunflowers. Sunflowers represent nothing else but sunshine.

The official logo is of a sunflower, the centre of which imprints the map of Africa. Through the radiation of the inner light from Africa, the world will share the peace from Africa through the petals of shining sunflower. On top is the theme of the Valentine’s: Universal Love. The underlying hand mudra is the endorsement of Inner Peace and the Universal Love by means of the Meditation. Simple enough.

The day is celebrated by giving and charity. Don’t expect a plain charity day like ever. The Meditation Centre gives with style. They make a prominent difference. Besides food bags and the like, they share the inner peace with all participants through the joyous moment of meditation. Join the Peace for Africa movement at the Meditation Centre in the Cradle of Humankind. Bring back the old days to see humankind give more than take. Witness the 2,500-year-old graceful way of giving and the culture of peace. Africa shares the Universal Love to the world. From 2009 onwards, the Valentine’s will never be the same.

Valentine’s Day: Photo & Media Gallery
The Johannesburg Meditation Centre put the Valentine’s Day as the Day of Universal Love. Over 400 participants embraced their beautiful hearts with the inner peace through the practice of meditation guided by the Buddhist monk. Amazed by the 3-metre tall sunflowers in the heart shape, attendants started their alms offering in a traditional 2,600-year-old way of giving. The charity was given to:

1. The Malawian Community of Broederstroom
2. The Jabulani New Life Ministry
3. The Oasis Haven of Love Foundation

We appreciated the philanthropic donations from the following organizations:

1. The Thai Community
2. The Sri Lankan Community
3. The Touch of Asia
4. Tiger Rice
5. Dhammakaya Foundation, Thailand

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