Meditation for Inner Peace in Uganda

Meditation Retreat at Uganda Buddhist Centre
21-22 November 2009

The Buddhist population in Uganda is fewer than 100.  However, the number does not represent the number of interested people in the practice of meditation and the Buddhist teachings.  Quite a number of expats and youths in Uganda are in search of inner peace and wisdom of the Dhamma.

Founded by Ven. Bhante Buddharakkhitta Thero, an African monk, this is the only Buddhist centre in the country. (Visit  There is a small library where several Dhamma books were donated.  Every Sunday, many visitors enjoy their quiet time in meditation and reading variety of Dhamma books from many corners of the world.

The meditation retreat course took place in this Buddhist Centre.  There contained a group of young Ugandans under the “Peace Revolution” jacket, a group of expatriates, a couple of Sri Lankan businessmen and a teaching monk, Ven. Somsak, from the Johannesburg Meditation Centre under the “Peace for Africa” umbrella.  Here the retreat took place in this rural setting of Entebbe.

Peace belongs to all beings.  As one practices meditation, the mind comes back home to the centre of the body.  The tiny spot of peace inside will deliver such volume of peace into the mind.  Many participants experience a still mind and some felt the expansion and some even made a journey along the middle path at the centre of the body.

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