Novice Monk Ordination

Novice Monk Ordination & Training
12-22 December 2009

7 young boys joined the novice monk training for the first time. During their school holiday, the boys and their parents entered a cultural challenge. We witnessed a combination of Black, White and Oriental participants.

Samanen” or the Novice Monk practice 10 rules of conducts. Under the Order, all are equal. When Samanen practice meditation, they experience bright sun inside the centre of the body, and that was the moment when “differences” did not exist.  As one closes one’s eye, one can attain the shared similarity.

Besides practicing meditation, all Samanen have learned to take responsibility in their own daily life e.g. their cloth and dish washing, making their own bed, cleaning their sleeping quarters, etc. They learned to be on-time while keeping relaxed daily schedule.

Photographs will be posted soon.

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