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Peace for Africa & Peace Revolution
Make a Move on Global Peace
20-26 February 2010
Chiangmai, Thailand

Inner Peace makes its own way across the globe. Youths from 23 countries with the quest for peace-making have joined the meditation retreat in Thailand to experience inner peace before they return to their home countries for a new look of their dream to create foundation of peace among themselves.

40 youths in 23 countries from every continent
in the meditation room under Peace Revolution 2010 Program
Chiangmai, Thailand.

Ven. Fremma Gunabho from Kampala, Uganda
and Ven. Somsak Piyaseelo, Johannesburg, South Africa

Located amid a cherry blossom of Chiangmai, northern Thailand, the mother nature embraced these youths in a peaceful environment. The meditation room, meditation seats and meditation instructors allowed participants to centre their minds within themselves.

Cherry Blossoms

Inner Peace Time
Most Favourite Time of the Day

These youths will join the Candle Light for Peace at Dhammakaya Temple on 28th February 2010 as part of their inner peace experience. Then during 1st – 4th March, they will conduct workshop / conference on Global Peace.

(More photos to be updated)

External Link:  www.peacerevolution2010.org

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