Public Announcement (I)

Public Announcement (1)
From Dhammakaya Temple of Johannesburg
Johannesburg Meditation Centre)
Subject: Re-Location of the Temple

It was since the last quarter of 2006 that the Temple took the first step to propagate Buddhism in South Africa for Thais and locals alike in the name of the “Johannesburg Meditation Centre” in Randburg.  It was firmly supported with generous and meritorious sponsorship of  “Ron Hutchinson & Kesorn Dan-Udon.”

Later in 2008 we moved into a new property in the Cradle of Humankind under “Wat Buddha Johannesburg” with the plan to build the Ubosot (or Chapel). The Ubosot is the landmark of any Buddhist Temple.  Thus, we have conducted several Robe Offering Ceremonies and fund-raising events in support of the completion of the Temple ever since.

Over the last 3 years we have found difficulties in securing the license to build the Temple due to the restrictions within the Cradle conservation. Further, we have received no promising picture of  “timeline” of how and how long the shape of the license would be granted. This is not a healthy sign because once the Ubosot starts to take shape, it cannot be dismantled.

By the end of 2010, Wat Buddha was re-named as the “Dhammakaya Temple of Johannesburg.” Meanwhile our “Most Venerable Dhammajayo” has assigned us a policy to strengthen local personnels and team by means of meditation practice and dhamma studies.  He then called for a re-location of the Temple into “an inner part of the city” to make it more accessible to more Thais and locals to come and learn meditation and lectures — on weekday and weekend basis. Once the team-making and the fellowship have progressed to certain extent, the construction of the Temple and Ubosot will commence without delay.

The Temple would like to announce our pursuit in completing the construction of the Ubosot.  All contributors and donors of the Temple, small and big meditation halls and the Ubosot are assured of our endeavours to actualize our mission.  While we may not be able to build in the Cradle, we can build somewhere else without hesitation.

The Temple would like to express our special appreciation to both “Ron Hutchinson & Kesorn Dan-Udon” who have been patronizing us with accommodation and other necessities since late 2006. Even lately at the property in the Cradle, they provide us with facilities to accommodate our teaching activities. Besides, they made an offer to give this plot of land for spiritual purpose. Without such excellent meritorious supports from the couple, our propagation of inner peace and meditation practice in Africa would never have progressed this far nowadays.

We also wish to extend our gratefulness to every supporter over the years from all sectors — the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria, Thai Association, Farang Association, Thais and local South Africans.  With your continual supports, all the Temple’s staff are convinced and encouraged to devote ourselves in teaching morals and inner peace to all folks of life.

Be it hereby made known.
The Dhammakaya Temple of Johannesburg
(The Johannesburg Meditation Centre)
st February 2011.


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