Public Announcement (II)

Public Announcement (2)
From Dhammakaya Temple of Johannesburg
(Johannesburg Meditation Centre)
Subject: Re-Location of the Temple (2)

It is now publicly known that the Johannesburg Meditation Centre is relocating to a new property as per the Public Announcement (1), dated 1st February 2011, and published in the Thai – South African Newsletter, February 2011 issue.

It can now be announced with certainty that the Temple will move to Halfway House, Midrand from Tuesday 1st March 2011 onwards.  The full physical address, map and directions to the new location are attached herewith.

In addition to the restrictions on the property in the Cradle as previously announced, our Most Venerable Dhammajayo Bhikkhu has given us a clear direction to emphasize teaching meditation and to give Dhamma lectures to a good number of local people, and the construction of the Temple and the Ubosot (Chapel) will follow.  We have thus decided to move immediately into the inner part of the city in order to work for this assigned purpose.

The new property’s location is very convenient for Thais and locals alike to come and perform their merit making, observe precepts and practice meditation.  Furthermore, it allows us to conduct weekday evening meditation classes for those who work in town.  This is not possible at the site in the Cradle because of the distance. On Saturday afternoons, we are adding lectures to the existing meditation classes.  On Sundays we will offer English language, Thai language and Thai culture classes.

Such remarkable changes bring a so-called ‘Learning Centre’ into existence, and the Temple is the centre venue.  For example, a ‘Sunday School’ offering Thai & English language classes has already been running actively since 16th January 2011.

The Temple would like to express its thanks to all who expressed their concerns over this change, and to those who render assistance in any way.  You will help us make a smooth transition and thus we can continue our tasks without interruption.

May the peace energy from this Field of Merit prevail in those who take care of this monastic body.  Sathu.  Sathu.  Sathu.

Be it hereby made known.
The Dhammakaya Temple of Johannesburg
(The Johannesburg Meditation Centre)
st March 2011.

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