Meditation is Beyond Religion


Meditation is Beyond Religion

By: The Johannesburg Meditation Centre


Meditation is all about making peace with oneself.  The world may not be changed, but the way we look at it can be.

Further than what is put on the headline, Meditation is also beyond Relaxation.  The wondering mind needs to relax after a long unstructured journey.  Relaxing is one thing, peace is another.  Peace is the state beyond relaxation and occurs only in the mindful state of meditation…

One of the regular FAQ’s we have received over the years is about the religion issue.  Everyone needs peace within oneself regardless of their religions.  The basic requirement of meditation is to close your eyes.  Closing the eyes is not against any religion.

Next, relax the body.  No religious scripture is against relaxation.

Then, breathe deeply into the body.  Where the in-breath ends inside the abdomen, it is the centre of the body.  This centre area is special for human mind.  It is the home of balance.


At the very far end of the inhale, the breath makes a u-turn, coming exhale.  Upon that very u-turn corner — the home of balance — we place our mind and make it at home.  Here and now, the mind restores its lost balance.


What to do then?  We just maintain that ‘very moment of balance’ for as long as we are content.  Inner peace starts to stream into our mind, and continues to get absorbed more and more.  Yet, no worship to any religion’s symbol is demanded.  The Wiseman said the Kingdom of Heaven exists inside us all.  So, why worry?


Meditation class and relevant lecture at the Johannesburg Meditation Centre in Halfway House is available on Sundays from 09h30 – 11h00.  Just dress yourselves loose in white or calm colour.  Sitting on the floor, on the chair, with or without back support — the choice is yours.  Between 11h00 and 12h00, a complimentary Thai food lunch is provided by our Thai community.

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