St. John’s College 2011 Interfaith Excursion

St. John’s College Interfaith Excursion


90 of Grade-10 students from St. John’s College, Houghton, Johannesburg, on their “Interfaith Excursion” gave a one-day visit to the Johannesburg Meditation Centre (JMC) at Halfway House.

On Tuesday 5th of April 2011, the Reverend Jacques Pretorius, Chaplain of St. John’s College led a team of teachers and another 90 students to study Buddhism and meditation practice at the Johannesburg Meditation Centre.


It is part of the Interfaith studies. Students went to visit the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Greek Orthodox and Buddhist organizations in order to learn each religion interactively.

Students arrived JMC in Halfway House at 10h30 and received introduction and etiquette explanation by Dana Conradie. They then entered the meditation room for the experience of meditation guided by Ven. Somsak. Q & A session followed.

Ven. Somsak gave a brief introduction of general teachings in Buddhism. What are considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in the opinion of Buddhism.  Around the end, another moment of inner peace via the practice of meditation was added before close to let students and teachers have more glimpse and skill of meditation.

An exhibition board about Buddhism and the saffron robe stood in the Luncheon area.  Vegetarian and normal Thai food lunch was catered by our volunteers and Thai restaurants in the Thai community in Gauteng.


Interfaith Excursion gave them a chance to learn different beliefs.  At the end of the day, every person needs peace.  Meditation — that is beyond religion — is available for all.


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“Meditation is Beyond Religion.”


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