16 October 2011: The Annual Kathina Saffron Robe Offering



กฐินสามัคคี พ.ศ. 2554

The Annual Kathina Saffron Robe Offering



Each year after the rains retreat, it is time for Buddhists to gather at their nearby monasteries and offer new set of saffron robes to the Buddhist monks.


This year, the rains retreat ends on 12th October, and the following Sunday 16th October at the Johannesburg Meditation Centre, Halfway House, Thai and local Buddhists and their fellowship of peace-seekers alike will conduct this noble tradition of robe offering.


Participants and visitors will experience this ongoing 2,600-year-long tradition.  By supporting the monastery is by all means supporting the tradition of peace-making since the Buddhist community operates on the concept of absolute non-violence.


Programme of the Day of Kathina

11h00    Alms-Giving to Thai Buddhist monks
11h30    Lunch of Thai food supported by local Thai community
13h00    Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony
14h00    Receiving Special Holy Amulet for Blessings.  Ends.



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