The Founder

(Luang Phaw Dhammajayo)

Abbot Dhammajayo is the founder of the “Peace for Africa” movement.  Ordained in 1969 in the Theravada Buddhism, today he has become one of the leaders who promotes World Peace through Inner Peace by means of Meditation.

His vision is simple:
World Peace through Inner Peace.

Thus, he has been teaching meditation every single day to enable millions of people get real inner peace for the past 40 years. With over 100 branches local and abroad, the true culture of peace has been cultivated among local Thai community and foreign societies around the world.

His mission is precise:
Spread universal teachings of Lord Buddha
to enable every humankind attain inner peace.

At present, Ven. Abbot Dhammajayo is the President of  Dhammakaya Foundation,  Thailand.

Peace for Africa Foundation